Fed balance sheet priced in USD and Gold (orange line)

Fed Balance sheet price in gold
(Source: Bloomberg)

Wall Street Journal’s Starbucks PPP

Starbucks ppp
(Source: WSJ)

UK 10 Year Breakeven Rate

UK 10 year breakeven
(Source: Bloomberg)

US U6 Unemployment Rate

US unemployment U6
(Source: Bloomberg)

Monetary base vs. M2

monetary base and m2
(Source: Bloomberg)

CPI vs M2

m2 and cpi
(Source: Bloomberg)


(Source: Bloomberg)

3 Responses to “Charts”

  1. Charlotte August 19, 2013 at 11:35 am #

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  2. Kadal October 18, 2013 at 7:00 am #

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    • Ummi February 9, 2014 at 8:41 pm #

      My guess is gold is old.This is what makes markets instreeting; differences of opinion. And what makes them profitable for those that are willing to take the minority view. Ever since the PMs bottomed we have been getting guesses of overvaluation and the end of the trend from empty suits who knew far less than they imagined. Every little pullback was seen as confirmation of their views and every rise was seen as irrational. Yet, they missed the run while those of us who were paying attention took advantage of the opportunities that the markets gave us. And while the empty suits dismiss a minor daily gain in silver of $0.45, to pick an example, those of us who saw the picture much clearer and understood the economic inevitability as a 10% gain on our average purchase price. And we are looking at a 20-year bull in equities and property on tap. The party-boom in the Far East will make all previous booms look like tea-and-crumpets at Grandma Mildred’s.A 20 year real estate market. What kinds of drugs do you use again? You have one in 45 homes in foreclosure, one in four American households with a negative net worth, and more than 6 million people who have given up on finding a job at a time when Obama is running $1.6 billion deficits. How do you get a bull market in equities and real estate out of that?

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